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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 18, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and it appears that the drawings that metro lad and that we had show a little more depth between the bottom of the roadway, and the top of the tunnel within the metro station. so it appears that we hit something, it fell through the ceiling, and it actually, you know, fell into the station. >> very interesting. v-dot spokesmen say as they've be doing this work on connecticut avenue they found some areas where there was a lot of filler between the roadway and the area they needed to get to to build this median. they were saying here as soon as they started drillin went right through that filling. th're gog to have to take a second look at the plans that they're dealing with as they continue this construction. for now folks should probably plan on uing dupont circle until we know for sure what's going to happen here. tracee wilkins live in northwest. >> thanks so much for that update. there is still a lot of cleani up to do after those severe storms that rolled through our area, especially at a post office in northeast washington. strong winds caused this two
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story wall behind the brentwood post office to implode yesterday morning. nearly 200 workers were quickly evacuated and two workers who were outside had to be treated for minor injuries the storm also knocked out glass in more than 130 postal delivery trucks that were sitting in the parking lot. >> cinder blocks, never in my wildest imagination would i think that something like that would tear through here and have that much damage in such a quick moment in time. >> it will likely take several weeks to replace the broken glass and all of the postal service delivery vehicles. the national weather service is expected to determine today whether it was a tornado that touched down in baltimore yesterday. the storm tore through northeast baltimore early yesterday morning, uprooting trees and ripping a roofright off of an apartment building. look at that. three people were injured, including a child. all of the injuries were minor. >> the damage there, unbelievable. >> pretty amazing. that entire roof looked like it was just swept away. >> all right, tom. the storms moved out yesterday.
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are we in for a nice day today? >> a the winds died down. gusting to near 40 yesterday. have settled down overnight. right now a very clear sky. temperatures in the suburbs, rural areas are down near the frzing mark. parts of virginia, and prince william county, manassas down to 30. culpepper at 36. stanton, virginia, central shenandoah valley some of the colder spots. down to 34 in charles county. prince george's, arlington, fairfa most locations are in the upper 30s to near 40. 46 at national. upper 40s around the bay. inland away from the waters on the eastern shore a few lotions are in the low 40s to upper 30s. and it's at or below freezing i west. now over the last 12 hours, we've seen some clouds incrsing coming from an area of some light rain, southern indiana into kentucky and tennessee. that's advancing east. it's a weak disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will be cing our way, increasing the cloud cover today. but just a small chance of a sprinkle perhaps here by midafternoon. highs reaching the mid 50s.
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sunrise 6:54. sunset 4:52. a look at friday, saturday, sunday and the first part of next week coming up in ten minutes. how's the traffic? >> tom, thgs very quiet this morning. that is good news after yesterday. don't have a lot to worry about. as we take a live look, first check of the morning, 14th street bridge, there's the inbound side. there's the outbound side. there's jefferson memorial. everything very quiet on the roads right now. 95, 395, 66 as well. south of town, bothhe inner loop and outer loop across the woodrow wilson bridge in fine shape. elsewhere onmore stop, i-95 in maryland looking good. southern maryland very quiet start. joe, eun? >> all right, jerry, thank you. >> thanks very much, jerry. security stepped up inside and ouide elementary schools around the direct this morning after an elementary school spanish teacher nearly died after being robbed and beaten. the attack happened just before noon on monday near the intersection of howard and pom roy roads in southeast across from garnet wilkinson elementary school.
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a masked gunman demanded the teacher's pue. she refused, the robber then hit her three times in the head with a gun. the teacher suffered a concussion and has had two surgeries for bleeding in her brain. >> that individualshowed he doesn't really cared. around school there's usually a lot of people around. so we think it's a very dangerous individual. a lot of times we have individuals wearing masks so that gives them some, i guess they feel some security from individuals who know who they are. >> the teacher remains in the hospital this morning. the robber has not been caught. a second guilty plea is expected this afternoon in the murder of popular school principal brian best. court docunts show a second suspect inhe killing will plead guilty to robbery and using a gun during a crime. lancaster was one of three teenagers prosecutors say was at that silver spring ho on the night of the murder in april. police say best was killed during a robbery attempt.
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another suspect, 19-year-old sanders, has already pled guilty to shooting best. lancaster faces a maximum of 35 years if convicted on all charges. jurors will begin a second day of deliberations in the shandry levy trial later this morning. the jury spent about six hours yesterday going over the details of the prosecution's case against ingmar guandique. he's charged with killing the washington intern in 2001. jurors asked the judgeor two things, gloves to handle the evidence, d a photo of the accused killer taken in rock creek park. guandique faces two counts of first degree murder. defense attorneys argue there is no ysical evidence linking guandique to the murder. this morning the national transportation security chief says he will not change the policy that allowed those airport security pat-downs and body scans. he stified before congress yesterday. he says the pat-downs and new screening machines are necessary to keep travelers safe. the travelers say the body scans and the pat-downs are invasive. >> the question is, do i
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understand the sensitivities of people yes, if you're asking am i going to change the policies, no. because i that is what is bein informed by the latest intelligence, the latest efforts by terrorists to kill our people in the air. no, i'm not going to change these policies. >> he also says it is irresponsible to suggest that travelers opt out of the screening. across the pond this morning in germany there is increased security at airportsand train stations. it is the result of a neterror alert. authorities say they have, quote concrete information that terrorists plan to attack the untry at the end of the month. they say the intelligence matches leads they've gathered on their own. so far the u.s. state department has not issued a travel alert for americans. the first guantamo detainee to face a civilian trial has been found not guilty of all but one of the hundreds of charges he faced. ahmed gilani was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to destroy u.s. property. and was acquitted on more than 280 other counts. he was accused of helping
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terrorists bomb two u.s. embassies in 1998, but his defense team painted him as simply a clueless errand boy who unknowingly heed al qaeda terrorists. he'll learn his sentence in january. he could face life in prison. today we learn the fate of new york reprentative charlie rangel. the 20-tm congressman violated 11 house ethics rules, and will meet with the house ethics committee to find out what his punishment . rangel is guilty of accepting paents from corporations for travel to conferences, as well as tax evasion, and improperly usg his office and raising money. ethics expts believe he will be reprimanded or censured but not kicked out of congress. >> it's all over in alaska. incumbent republican senator lisa murkowski has retained her seat winning a heated battle with joe milan in which she was a write-in candidate. she had lost the republican primary race to miller who was supported by sarah palin but she decided to run as a write-in candidate. ere was a long delay so
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alaskan election officials could count all of the write-in votes to make sure voters spelled murkowski's last name correctly. they determined that she did win the race, making her first senate candidate to win a write-in campaign in more than 50 years. >> there's no apathy when you have to take out that braiselet and you've got to look at it upside down and you've got to figure out how to spell it, alaskans knew exactly what they were doing and they showed their inte with every letter that they put down on that ballot. >> as for the runner-up in the race, joe miller says he will, quote, s this thing the whole way through to ensure that every vote is counted. senate majority leader harry reid says he will call for a vote looking to end "don't ask, dot tell." he says he will call for a vote after thanksgiving looking repeal the 1993 law. it remain uncertain will it will have enough votes to pass as several leading republicans say they oppose repealing it until they see more studies saying it will not affect military operations.
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>>4:38. 46 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," a pastor getting national attention for his tough stance. why he is issuing a facebook ban. plus this mornin amid the corruption probe, a push to have leslie johnson removed from a post she hasn't even taken yet. >> and next the wind is gone. now on to the next weather chan. weather and traffic next.
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good morning. it's 4:41. we've got a clear start to this
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thursday morning, and temperatures are chilly. we're down at or below freezing in a few locations. in virginia this morning, most locations in maryland are above freezing in upper30s to near 40. in the nearby suburbs, 46 in washington, and as the view from space showing increasing clouds coming in from the west. now just about to enter our region. so the clear sky we have now will give way to partly to mostly cloudy sky by midafternoon. there's a small chance of a sprinkle thi afternoon as we reach the mid 50s. then friday, saturday and sunday we should have sunshine, chilly morning, and cool afterons. a look at the next week in ten minutes. jerry, how's the traffic? >> pretty quiet. for the most part in town, along new york avenue right here at the third street tunnel, both directions lookinggood. southwest freeway moving along nicely. let's update you on the beltway in virginia. right side of the inner loop, left side the outer loop as you travel between tysons corner and the american legion bridge, moving well. one more stop, looking pretty good, 66 at t wilson bridge. joe and eun?
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>> thank you, jerry. >> 46 degrees. still to come, hear from a local pastor who says he is trying to save marriages by banning facebook. plus a warning this morning, where police say thieves are targeting people carrying a specific item. >> and next the big announcement that will change the face of the d.c. neighbooods.
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concussion, has had two surgeries for bleeding in her brain. and it appears senator lisa murkowski has w her campaign as a write-in. the republican incumbent lost the primary to tea partyer joe miller but that did not stop her from winning as a write-in candidate. he said he will not challenge the outcome but will see this all the way through. >> d.c. residents will soon have more options when itomes to shopping. walmart has announced it will open three stores within the district in the next couple of years. the stores will be on new jersey avenue northwest, georgia avenue in northwest, and east capital and 58th streets in southeast. jackie bensen has more on what walma walmart's move to the district means for consumers and for job seekers. >> within two years a walmart store is expected to transform the intersection of georgia and missouri avenues in northwest d.c. those who live and work near this area of few retail options say it's good news.
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>> it's got to be good for the community and i like shopping at walmt myself. >> i think that's nice, walmart right here around here in this area, like on columbia we have everything. we need something right here. >> according to walmart there are currently plans for three stores of a radically new type, somewhat smaller for a city environment but with full grocery and pharmacy departments. the locations are 801 new jersey avenue northwest. in a planned mixed-use development. georgia and missouri avenu in rthwest d.c., and east capital and 58 streets in southeast washington. >> i met with representatives from walmart yesterday, and representatives fr the developers that will develong in ward six, the new store for walmart. >> ward six council member tommy wells says he expects some concerns from constituents and others about walmart's record on labor practices. but the company's promised to hire some 1200 employees in neigorhoods where unemployment is as high as 50% gained his
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support with some conditions. >> as long as there's a commitment to fair wages, the commitment to being a good partner in the district of columbia is having a good civic corporate responsibility in our cities, then i think there's a place for them. >> walmart said there could be more stores in the city. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." one of the officers arrested in t wide reaching criminal investigation in prince george's county will be in court today. 45-year-old will have a detention hearing this afternoon. yesterday federal prosecutors reveed videotape evidence against another officer. a judge ordered him held without bail. investigators began watching simic and an accomplice after learning officers were being paid to protect and transport illegal, untaxed cigarettes and liquor. there is an line push to get leslie johnson to resig her seat on the prince george's county council. she was elected to represent dirict six. johnson is accused of tarvering with evidence and destruction of
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evidence. court documents show she had nearly $80,000. she and her husband jack johnson were arrested last friday during the corruption crackdown. the bid to reopen a popular d.c. night club has been shot down one month after ve of its employees were accused of beating a man to death. the district liquor board voted unanimously to keep the d.c. 9 club closed yesterday. friends and family of the man killed ahmed mohammed gathered outside the hearing to protest the possible reopening of the club. police say employees chased the 27-year-old silver spring man after he threw a brick through the club window. district prosecutors dropped the charges against the employees because of a lack of evidence. another hearing on the club's reopening is set for december the 1st. d.c. police are on the lookout for someone snatching iphones right out of people's hands. there re at least four robberies over the weekend in northwest. in each case the victims were approached while talking or carrying their phones. the popular phones have also been stolen off restaurant
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tables. police caution people to be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking alone at night. >> how would you feel if your kid was caught cheating on a test and then allowed to retake that exam? it could be the case at one school. "the washington post" reports that west potomac high school's principal is allowing teachers to offer cheaters retakes instead of just giving them zeros. he sayshatheating is a disciplinary problem, not an academic one. this is the same school that recently banned the letter grade "f." the policy has upset some west potomac parents and they've now formed a group to protest the move nurses at the washington hospital cter will report to work next wednesday after all. they canceled a one-day strike after management agreed to postpone salary cuts. both sides say they will resume negotiations later this month. the nurses union and the hospital had been at odds over several issues, including wages, benefits and staffing. a new jersey preach wants his cheech leaders to quit
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facebook in order to save their marriages. the reverend cedric miller is the senior pastor of the living word christian fellowship church in neptune, new jersey. he says that reconnecting with old romances could lead to marital problems. miller is on vacation and spoke about the issue by telephone. >> -- shows up and reaches out and conversations start, and most times they start innocently before you know it, the conversation -- find out. >> the pastor says he will delete his facebook account, as well. he will make the announcement this weekend. >> pretty extreme. >> you can decide who you want to have as a friend. >> that's right. >> so you don't have to have those old romanc as friends. >> that's right. call it self-control. tom? >> called block. block. >> hey, good morning. this morning we' starting off with a clear sky, and for those
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of us who love meteors this is an excellent morning to see the leonid meteor shower. this one could see up to 10 or 15 meteors in a minute. from the leonid meteor shower occurring right now. in this nice, dark sky now that that nearly full moon has set. 46 now at national airport. we do have a clear sky down to 35 at dulles. prince george's count at 43. at 46 at national. in the low 40s in montgomery county. farther west temperatures generally in the 30s. southern maryland, charles calvert, anne arundel on the eastern shore in the 40s. salisbury at 37. on the mountains, elkins at 43. and most locations there have cloud cover that has sort of kept in some of the warmth from yesterday. we do have some increing clouds coming in from the midwest. a lile disturbance that will be coming through here later today that may give us sprinkle by midafternoon.
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just a small chance of that. otherwise clouds coming in by noontime, and during the afternoon, mostly cloudy. highs reachi the mid 50s. sunrise at 6:54. sunset 4:52. tonight we'll have theull moon up and a few cloudsround the evening. mid 40s by midnight. and by dawn tomorrow, cold. many locations will be near freezing on friday morning. bright and sunny tomorrow, though, chilly, afternoon highs only in the low 50s. and on saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine, chilly in the morning, afternoon highs, cool in the 50s. in the next week, a warming trend ought to make it into the 60s maybe on tuesday. so get rain wednesday. >> tom, we'll start up on the capital beltway north of town. where there had been a lot of overnight roadwork on the inner loop of the beltway as you travel from university boulevar to and beyond new hampshire avenue. had been the outer loop the last several days. now it's the inner loop. heads up if you're headed over there. righnow traffic getting by without any delays. let's see how we're doing in
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town. kenilworth avenue looks pretty good heading down toward east capital street. concerns ther headed through southeast, most of the major roadways moving along very nicely. eun? >> jerry, thank you. we have a major traffic alert to tell you about this morning. you may want to avoid the outer loop of the beltway in alexandria this weekend. because of work related to the wilson bridge project. the far right lane will be closed between the ice hower avenue exit and just east of telegraph road starting friday night. that will cut off access to the north kings highway, huntington avenue, and telegraph road exits. this morning metro is getting ready to make it easier for people traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. on thanksgiving day metrorails will operate on a sunday schedule opening at 7:00 a.m. and closing at dnight. on friday metro will operate on regular weekday schedule and on saturday and sunday it will operate on a regular weekend schedule. also on sunday,though, metro will monitor the train going to and from reagan national to see whether more
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trains need to be added. metrobus will have additional buses on standby to serve dwi and dulles airport if that is found to be necessary. all eyes are on general motors this morning as the company makes its historic return to the new york stock exchange gm will sell 478 million common stock shares in its initial public offering today. the sale could end up raising more than $22 billion making it the largest ipo on record. this is a major comeback for the automaker which just lastear used government loans to stay afloat. the u.s. government holds a 61% stake in gm, and the bulk of the stock being offered belongs to thgovernment. th money will now help pay down some of the taxpayer bailout money. it is now 4:55. 46 degrees. coming up, the high-tech toy a one local county's rec cenrs. >> plus all new at 5:00, tiger woods re-emerging into the public eye. why he is about to take a big step this morning. >> and next, new details on the royal engagement. what famous venue appears to be
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$50,000 a year. president obama will present the nation's highest civilian honoearly next year. former president george h.b. bush and poet maya angelou are among the medal of freedom honorees. civil rights leader congressman john lewis, hall of famer stan musial, and boston celtics legend bill russell. german chancellor angela merkel and yoo ma. the white house made the announcement yesterday. >> even though they ju announced their engagement britain's prince william and kate middleton are wasting no time planning t wedding. middleton was spotted leaving westminster abbey last night. according to the british press it's emerged as her firm favorite to be the venue. westminster abbey hosted the weddings of queen elizabeth and the queen mother. it's also the site of the funeral for william's mother, diana, princess of wales. and later this morning on the "today" sh


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